Award winning photographer and film maker, based in Fernie, B.C.

Hey, I'm Danyal!

I am a videographer and photographer based in Fernie, B.C. You will find me around the world chasing the snow, sunsets and following inspiring adventurers who have an incredible story to share.

I studied Marketing, Property and International Business at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. My favourite food is Ramen, I have a soft spot for Milka chocolate and waffles and whenever I get the chance you'll find me in the mountains.

I began as a photographer and quickly moved into the field of motion and story telling. Video has been a very interesting and fun medium to work with. It allows me to influence and covey emotive feelings more effectively than a still photograph. It is my preferred way of telling stories.

Certified AST1. Well equipped for the back country wilderness to be self sufficient and off-the-grid for many days at a time.

"Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer."

—Dan Brown